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About Anthony Quatrochi's Martial Arts Institute

AQMAI JuJitsu is headed by Shihan Quatrochi and a staff of expert instructors and managers including: Ian Cameron, Jeremy Atkins, Amanda Camilleri, Collin Grimes, Lourdes Cruz, Lou LaPolla, Georeanna Wellman, John-David Wellman, Joseph Byrnes, and Theo DeGuzman.

How to Contact Us

We invite you to come and visit any one of our conveniently located facilities to see what our outstanding program has to offer you.

You can also reach us through Direct E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can reach us at: 1-855-AQMAI-4-U.

Thank You for Visiting Us Online

Thank you for visiting our website: we hope that the information provided helps you find the Martial Arts training facility that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you!

- The Staff of AQMAI


AQMAI Testimonials

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

Thank you for giving your valuable time and sharing an important message to the students. It was excellent presentation. I also appreciate the involvement of Ian and Zach and their important message to the students. Their participation provided great role models for the students. Please extend my thanks to them. There were many positive comments about the quality of your participation. Your staff should be commended on how well they worked with the Evens students. I want to send a special thank you for your generous donation to our spaghetti dinner raffle. Thank you for giving students and activity that is both physically and mentally challenging.

~Rick Dominick,

Principal of Evans Elementary School

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

On behalf of Roy C. Ketchum High School, we would like to commend the instructors of Anthony Quatrochi’s Martial Arts Institute for their fine demonstration, performance and teaching of Ju Jitsu to our students. The instructors were very knowledgeable of their art and portrayed their craft to our students in a manner that was as well as discipline, honestly, and respect were some of lessons learned by students, all of which are important attributes to possess. We at Roy C. Ketchum were very fortunate to have Anthony Quatrochi's Martial Arts Institute visit our school and are looking forward for them to come back to our high school in the future.

-Sincerely, Roy C. Ketchum Physical Education Teachers: William Roos, Patrick Mealy, Erin Mulla, Mathew Cunniff, David Budd, Micheal Paino, Kim Whitted, Patrick Keevins

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

On behalf of faculty/administration of Fishkill Plains and Wappingers Central School District, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your instructors for coming to our school to teach students and educators about the basic tenets of the martial arts program. Your fine demonstration, performance and teaching of Ju Jitsu has surely become an asset, as per out Fishkill Plains’ Elementary School’s Character Education and Wellness our efforts towards attaining our goal! The feedback and positive comments about your presentations have left a lasting impression upon us all! We applaud your willingness to give us your time and interest towards making this possible. Indeed the Fishkill plains community is lucky to have dedicated people like you and your qualified team who set fine of commitment to the well being for Americans most valuable resource, our youngsters."

-Sylvia A. Epstein,

Principal of Fishkill Plains Elementary

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

On Behalf of Sheafe Road Elementary School, I would like to commend Anthony Quatrochi’s Martial Arts Institute for their performance at my school. The martial arts instructors demonstrated and worked well with our students in an excellent and appropriate manner. The instructors came into every physical education class to teach the students about discipline, self-defense, and respect for others. The students and teachers alike were highly impressed with their performance. It was a wonderful opportunity to have Anthony Quatrochi’s Martial Arts Institute come to Sheafe Road Elementary School."

-Franco Miele,

Principal of Sheafe Road Elementary School

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

Anthony, I want to thank you (for your program) and your instructors. My son Michael N. loved the class. They made him feel very confident, and he was very proud of himself when he left. Thanks again, and thank them as well.

- Maureen N.(pee-wee Parent)

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

MY FAVORITE PLACE is my karate school, because it is both fun and it develops skills that help you in life. I have met new people and made new friends. I am learning self-defense which will help me protect myself in life. I feel very happy when I am at karate. I get to learn and to have fun because they create games out of simple self-defense moves. The best part is that the instructors are easy-going and understand that it takes time to learn certain moves. The instructors also help build up your confidence. Every class you go to you get stronger and build muscles while you enjoy the class. When you first start taking karate, you’re a white belt. Once you have three black stripes, you can test for a higher-ranked belt. Once you make an achievement such as earning a stripe, you feel proud of what you have done. I am currently a yellow belt and it makes me feel very good that I was able to work hard and earn this higher ranked belt. I'm having such a good time that I think I will never stop!

- Michael D.(Jr Class)

Dear Shihan Quatrochi,

It is hard for me to believe that almost 7 years ago I started taking classes at AQMAI. From my first class, the enthusiasm and encouragement from my instructors and fellow students made me feel comfortable immediately. The togetherness and friendly environment makes all students feel like part of one big family. The hour-long commute I travel to make class three times a week is well worth the time and effort. I have now become part of the Gold Team, which helps other students in their training. A small token I can give back for all I have received.

- Karen S. Connecticut (Adult class)